Gov. Kelly Announces $5 Million For Bridge Improvement Projects Across Kansas

Gov. Kelly Announces $5 Million For Bridge Improvement Projects Across Kansas

Gov. Kelly Announces $5 Million For Bridge Improvement Projects Across Kansas

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Governor Laura Kelly announced 29 bridge projects across Kansas will receive more than $5 million as part of the Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program (KLBIP). The KLBIP is a state-local partnership initiative that provides funds to replace or rehabilitate locally-owned deficient bridges to improve the Kansas infrastructure.

Kelly’s administration reinstated KLBIP in 2019 to assist cities and counties by providing up to $150,000 toward the replacement or rehabilitation of a bridge on the local roadway system. For this recent round of KLBIP selections, a total of 62 applications were received with requests for $10.5 million in funds.

There are approximately 19,300 bridges on Kansas’ local road systems. About 26% – or 5,000 – of those bridges are in poor condition or unable to meet today’s weight and vehicle requirements. The KLBIP targets bridges 20-50 feet in length and a daily vehicle count of less than 100.

A link to a map showing the projects is here.

The list of recipients and project locations are below. Those with an asterisk indicate recipients that closed a second deficient bridge to receive an additional $50,000.


Project Location

Atchison County

2.5 miles south and 0.7 mile west of Farmington over Tributary to Stranger Creek

Jackson County

0.5 mile east of Circleville over Tributary to Elk Creek

Leavenworth County

1.25 miles north of K-192 on 255th Street over Dawson Creek

City of Lenexa

1,500 feet east of Pflumm Road over Flat Rock Creek

Marshall County *

1.5 miles west of Vliets on Tumbleweed Road over Ackerman Branch Creek

Pottawatomie County *

2.0 miles north and 1.5 miles east of Westmoreland on Robson Road over Darnells Creek

Wabaunsee County *

7.0 miles east of Alma and 3.0 miles south of I-70 on Boothill Road over Tributary of Snokomo Creek

Chase County *

3.2 miles north and 2.5 miles west of Bazaar over Buck Creek

Clay County

2.0 miles south and 2.0 miles east of Fact on 28th Road over Deadman Creek

Geary County

4.5 miles west and 6.0 miles south of Wreford on West Lyon Creek Road

Republic County *

2.0 miles south and 0.3 mile west of Agenda on Xavier Road over West Fork Elk Creek

Decatur County *

5.5 miles north and 9.4 miles west of Norcatur over Sappa Creek

Osborne County

0.1 mile north of Osborne on South 120th Avenue over Drainage Ditch

Phillips County *

0.5 mile south and 5.0 miles east of Phillipsburg on East 600 Road over Big Creek

Rawlins County *

11.2 miles south and 2.5 miles east of McDonald over Beaver Creek

Smith County *

4.0 miles north and 2.7 miles west of Bellaire over Spring Creek

Trego County *

2.9 miles north and 7.0 miles west of Trego Center over Downer Creek

Cherokee County

0.9 mile east of Columbus on East Maple Street over Brush Creek

Miami County *

1.0 mile south and 0.8 mile west of Beagle on 399th Street over Tributary to Middle Creek

Montgomery County

3.0 miles east and 3.0 miles north of Elk City over Duck Creek Drainage

Barber County

2.3 miles north and 3.0 miles west of Sharon on Blackmore Road over Tributary to West Branch Little Sandy Creek

Butler County *

1.0 mile east and 5.8 miles north of Latham on SE Flint Hills Road over North Branch Hickory Creek

Kiowa County

7.0 miles north of Greensburg over Rattlesnake Creek

Pawnee County

6.0 miles north and 4.5 miles west of Larned over Ash Creek

Reno County *

7.4 miles west and 2.7 miles south of Pretty Prairie on Fairview Road over Smoots Creek

Rush County *

1.5 miles south and 3.0 miles east of La Crosse on CR280 Road over Sand Creek

Sedgwick County

7.0 miles east of Valley Center and 2.0 miles north of the Kanza Coop in Furley on Greenwich Road over Sand Creek

Finney County

25.0 miles east and 12.0 miles north of Garden City on Ravana Road over the Pawnee River

Ford County

0.5 mile north of Lariat Road on 133 Road over Coon Creek

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