KCC approves settlement in Evergy rate case

KCC approves settlement in Evergy rate case

KCC approves settlement in Evergy rate case


The Kansas Corporation Commission has given unanimous approval to a settlement agreement in Evergy’s rate increase case.

The agreement was created during negotiations with KCC staff, Evergy, the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board and a number of advocacy groups, and it was submitted in late September.

Evergy originally filed for a $204 million revenue increase for Evergy Kansas Central, including the Wichita and Hutchinson areas, and a net revenue increase of $14 million for Evergy Kansas Metro, covering the Kansas City area.   The settlement will provide for a $74 million increase for Evergy Kansas Central and a net revenue decrease of $32.9 million for Evergy Kansas Metro.

For Evergy Kansas Central customers, there will be an average increase of $4.64 a month, while Evergy Kansas Metro customers will see a decrease of $6.07 per month.  The new rates will take effect with the customer billing cycle date beginning December 21st.

The KCC order said the rates will provide Evergy sufficient revenue to meet its financial obligations and provide safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates to its customers.   The Commission heard public comments on the rate increase during public hearings in July.

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